Mission Statement

Camp Areopagus Summer Camp and Family Development Center is about developing faith, the fire of enthusiasm to serve our God, Christian families, and life-long friendships. It is a place to be outdoors and enjoy nature … a place to learn and grow with people who love the Lord and are living daily for Him … a place to make new friends and have lots of fun. Camp Areopagus is directed by faithful members of the Church of Christ.

We are a non-profit organization funded by sponsoring Churches of Christ, individuals, and other donations.

Our mission is to have a positive impact on the lives of people in a setting that encourages them to get closer to God.

Oversight Committee

  • Alex Lafferty, Mars Hill Church of Christ, Vilonia
  • Bruce Bradford, Downtown Church of Christ, Morrilton
  • Danny Bohannan, Higden Church of Christ, Higden
  • David Riley, Mars Hill Church of Christ
  • Richard Clevenger, Romance Church of Christ
  • Rodney Partee, Mars Hill Church of Christ, Viilonia
  • Rod Leslie, Downtown Church of Christ, Morrilton
  • Tommy Dotson, Menifee Church of Christ, Menifee
  • Keith Moore, Center Ridge Church of Christ
  • Bill Davidson, Greenbrier Church of Christ
  • Allan Meyers, Robinson and Center Church of Christ, Conway
  • Clay Blake, Formosa Church of Christ
  • Jessie Ellison, Guy Church of Christ
  • Ricky Shannon, Oppelo Church of Christ