Special Event

Rooted: Young Men’s Spiritual Leadership Camp

  • July 30 – August 5, 2023

  • This camp is meant for those who have interest in growing as a spiritual leader.

  • There will be some fun camp activities, but this is not the focus and it will not be like a regular week of church camp.

  • If you sign up you are agreeing to be ready to study, work hard, and be ready to grow.

  • The purpose of this camp is to develop leaders such as future preachers, elders, deacons, youth ministers, teachers, song leaders, evangelists, and other congregational leaders.

  • On Wednesday night the campers will be bused to local churches to present their lessons and take part in leading the service.

  • There will be no charge to the campers for this session. It has been paid for by a generous donator.

  • This session will be limited to 30 campers.

Register for “Rooted”

Day Camp

  • June 5-8, 2023

  • Kindergarten – 3rd Grade

  • Tuition: $60

  • Directors: Jason Almond, Riley Almond

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Middle School

  • June 11-14, 2023

  • Grades 4-6

  • Tuition: $125

  • Directors: Rod Leslie

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Jr High School

  • June 18-24, 2023

  • Grades 7-9

  • Tuition: $125

  • Director: Spencer Cromwell

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High School

  • June 25-July 1, 2023

  • Grades 10-12

  • Tuition: $125

  • Director: Allan Myers, Matthew Martin

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